The Apple and IBM project will integrate the machine learning system into iOS applications

Apple and IBM have announced an expansion of their existing partnership that will allow customers to implement enhanced machine learning capabilities into their applications through the Apple Core ML framework and IBM Watson technology.

The Apple and IBM project will allow customers to develop machine learning tools based on Watson technology, and then deploy these systems in the form of applications on Apple mobile devices.

IBM in the past, Apple has collaborated with IBM

Watson Services technology allows you to analyze images, classify visual content, and train your models. Visual recognition Watson provides pre-built machine learning models that support image analysis to recognize scenes, objects, faces, colors, food, and other content. It is important to note that image classifiers can be customized according to the needs of the client.

For example, a machine learning model integrated into an iOS app can recognize a broken device, diagnose, identify faulty parts, and order spare parts if needed. Integration of Watson technology into iOS is a rather simple process. First, customers create a machine learning model using Watson technology that connects to a remote data repository. The model is converted to Core ML and implemented in a custom application and then distributed through the IBM MobileFirst platform.

Core ML is a framework for easy integration of machine learning models in the Watson app iOS

core ml models home the implementation of the model Core Ml in iOS app

Core ML was presented at the world developer conference last year. It is a tool that facilitates the integration of trainable neural network models created with third-party tools into an iOS application. The framework is part of Apple’s machine learning project, which began in earnest with iOS 11 and the A11 Bionic chip.

IBM also introduced the IBM Cloud Developer Console for Apple, a cloud service that simplifies the process of integrating Watson models into applications. This scheme allows two-way data exchange between the application and its database. This means that the primary machine learning model can be improved over time, if the client so desires. Users can also use IBM cloud services that cover authentication, data, Analytics, and more.

Apple and IBM began collaborating on the MobileFirst project in 2014. Under the agreement, IBM is engaged in equipment leasing, device management, security, Analytics and mobile integration. Apple helps with software development and customer support through AppleCare.

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