Smartpen or German technology

The level of education is falling every year. And the situation is deplorable not only in Russia but also abroad. With the widespread use of computers, it has become easier to seem literate, as the machine itself corrects spelling errors. On the Internet, freely available services to check any text. But what happens when the student does not have a computer at hand, but only a sheet of paper and a pen?

The German company Lernstift decided to help those who for one reason or another still uses the usual handles, and create a unique gadget that reports errors with a vibration signal. The operating system inside the pen recognizes the word by the hand movement and controls the correctness of its writing. As soon as the movement ceases to correspond to the correct trajectory, the handle begins to vibrate. The speed of recognition at the handle is incredibly high-about 15 milliseconds.

This pen will help not only illiterate students but also adults who have not learned to write without mistakes. The gadget operates in two modes: spelling, which is aimed at identifying errors in words, and calligraphy, indicating the vagueness of writing words or individual letters. Calligraphy is almost forgotten nowadays, which makes handwriting difficult to understand sometimes. Therefore, this gadget will be a good helper in correcting Doodle.

This invention is not yet fully finalized and is at the testing stage. As the developers themselves say, they do not have enough money for the successful completion of their project. They hope to receive them on donations of those who are interested in this technology. On the last collected funds, the developers managed to equip the handle with a pressure sensor and connect it to the computer, opening other developers free access to the SOFTWARE. It is possible that soon the handle will have additional features and capabilities.

Despite the fact that the developers of the pen come from Germany, it will recognize not only German but almost all European languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.l

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