Review of World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks – mobile version of the most popular online game of our time. Legendary secrets of the second world war, epic battles, and various pumping will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of history and military equipment.

World of Tanks Blitz – one of the most popular online games of our time. So it was only a matter of time before it would appear on mobile platforms. However, given all the specifics, it was not very clear how it can be transferred to a phone or tablet. But fears were not confirmed: World of Tanks Blitz turned out very similar to the computer ancestor.


As in the computer version, the user has a garage for tanks and the ability to improve and pump. There are branched development trees for each tank. Just like in the computer version, there are light, medium and heavy machines. No, unfortunately, art and PT-ACS, but this is justified by the small size of the cards: there is nowhere to hide, so they would be destroyed too easily.


The battles take place in teams of seven to seven people, not fourteen to fourteen, as in the computer version. This is due again to the reduced cards. The winner is the team who destroyed all the enemy tanks. The winners get more money, but something goes to the losers. The reward is commensurate with the contribution made to the victory of the team: the more tanks will be able to shoot, the greater the reward. The funds are spent on the purchase of ammunition, first-aid kits, other necessary things, the tree of development and eventually the opening of new tanks.

As in the computer version, Donat is available: you can buy, for example, a premium account that doubles the entire number of credits received for the battle, a premium tank, not available for ordinary game money.

Management is not to blame: it turned out to be as convenient as it was possible at all when transferring such complex mechanics to the tablet. The movement of the tank is controlled by a joystick in the lower left corner. At the bottom right there is a button binoculars, translating into sniper mode, the shot buttons are located under the thumb left and right thumb. All buttons can be configured: specify their size and location.

Because of the reduced cards, fights are faster than in the computer version. This is a dual circumstance: some annoying, someone delighted. In General, the dynamics-just what is missing from the computer version, where some hidden in the bushes art can be searched for a very long time.


If you do not forget that the most difficult game is ported to tablets and smartphones, it turned out fine, and nothing critical there is not removed: the whole atmosphere and the gameplay of the original “Tanks” is preserved. Get used to it easier than the original, and play too easy. There is no such difficulties with aiming. This, of course, is not so realistic, but much more convenient.

World of Tanks: Blitz – not a full transfer of the original, but rather his younger brother, who will pass the time for your favorite “Tanks” with a tablet or smartphone.

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