Review Of Empire Four Kingdoms

Empire Four Kingdoms-an interesting military-urban strategy, where the player becomes a knight, developing his castle. The game has many features that distinguish it from other mobile strategies.

First, it’s the graphics. It is simplified, drawn. At first, it seems strange but eventually begins to look quite organically.

The second difference from other projects is that at first, the castle has an extremely small area, which can be expanded as if pushing the surrounding walls. Construction is only possible within the castle, which is why all the buildings are close to each other so that no space remains. From the outside, it looks exactly like a medieval town, noisy, cramped, but funny.

Training in Empire Four Kingdoms is very difficult to praise. It does not explain much and simply requires the player to click endlessly on the highlighted buttons, without giving freedom of action. Under the watchful guidance of the game, the user gets the first farm, sawmill, building an army and goes on a campaign. After that, the normal gameplay begins.

With the armies and battles in the Empire of the Four Kingdoms, things are quite unusual. Troops are divided into defensive and offensive. For convenience, units are even divided by colors of clothing. Green for defense, blue for attack. To help the soldiers to build in the workshop of different devices for the assault of the walls: ladders, siege towers, rams and others.

The defensive armies are on duty in the castle in case of an enemy attack, and for the attackers, you can build Avan-posts somewhere closer to the intended target.

Interestingly, the movement of troops can be accelerated: it needs stables or Alliance assistance. The latter are needed for other purposes: the game involves large-scale inter-hookah war, which brings a great variety of gameplay. In addition, the Alliance can always find an experienced player who will explain all the incomprehensible details.

There are four main resources: wood, stone, food and gold. There are also Donat rubies. A very large percentage of people play with Donat, so it can be difficult without him.

Empire Four Kingdoms is hardly epic. The first battle successfully won ten of his men. Then, of course, will be more, but hundreds of thousands of army – clearly not her, as the vast reserves of resources. This has a special charm that gives realism to everything that happens.

Empire Four Kingdoms-very good, addictive strategy with interesting and unusual gameplay and a huge number of players. It allows you to really feel like a medieval knight, imbued with the fabulous atmosphere of pseudo-middle ages.

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