iPad In Your Car, How Cool Is That?

The iPad has the magic of fitting in wherever it will be, or are we making it that way? Users are so addicted to iTablet, they want to feel its presence wherever they will go, some has the luxury of carrying it in their cars. Sounds interesting right?

Mounting the iPad on the car seat is really not that hard to do if you’re willing to spend how much it will take. Some car companies add the luxury of installing the Apple tablet on the seats of the car, of course adding cost to the already high price of the brand. Hyundai’s Equus, and Mercedes-Benz S550 are two car models to make the first step of using the Apple product to lure buyers. There are also instructions online on how to install iPad in car, for those who want to get the dirt on their hands.

If you will think about it, having an iPad or iPads in your car is really helpful if you’re travelling with your kids. It will not only save you from hours of mind-blowing complaints and arguments, the iTablet will also make your travel smooth and easy. Having the Apple tablet inside your car is really a cool upgrade. The flat screen of the device makes it easier to fit in, and its crisp resolution is really perfect for watching movies and videos.

iPad for kids in car

Not only that. Using iPad in car GPS is one thing very important, and having the convenient of viewing your maps and locations without having to hold bulky devices is more than enough to bring the Apple baby when you travel. You can also put the iTablet on your lap, if you want to spend more intimate moments with it while you’re driving (wink).

iPad GPS

Meanwhile, there are those who are skeptic about the idea of installing an iPad in their car seats. This is probably due to battery issues since charging iPad in car is not yet possible. The device is shy enough to fit in with other charger, and is very loyal with its 10W AC adapter. Though this is not really an issue since the battery life of the device is enough for a day of video viewing.

Car users, who are concern with the contents they can view on the iTablet while travelling, can choose from various iPad in car apps that are available in the Apple Store. Basically, having the Apple tablet installed in your car is like bringing the convenience of your home entertainment, thanks to the brilliant minds of the car makers who appreciate the appeal of the iTablet.

Though competition in the tablet market is on, I won’t consider it a tough battle that the Apple tablet needs to fight. It is already winning, and companies are tossing the device to the highest position it can get in the competition. In my opinion, the car companies are also seeing that using Apple’s in demand tablet will also help pitch their sales to those who won’t give a second thought of spending money for the iPad.

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