iPads In Libraries, Benificial Or Not?

It’s undeniable that the iPad is not only popular for personal use, but it’s already used in businesses and institutions. Schools are spending funds to purchase the iTablets so students can take advantage of learning their lessons through it, but

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Smartpen or German technology

The level of education is falling every year. And the situation is deplorable not only in Russia but also abroad. With the widespread use of computers, it has become easier to seem literate, as the machine itself corrects spelling errors.

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Review Of Empire Four Kingdoms

Empire Four Kingdoms-an interesting military-urban strategy, where the player becomes a knight, developing his castle. The game has many features that distinguish it from other mobile strategies. First, it's the graphics. It is simplified, drawn. At first, it seems strange

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Review of World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks – mobile version of the most popular online game of our time. Legendary secrets of the second world war, epic battles, and various pumping will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of history and military equipment. World of Tanks

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